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Story Overview

Aidan at Manassas follows the adventures of Aidan Whitehand and the Georgia Guards before, during and after the first battle of Manassas. Aidan is promoted to Lieutenant and after the battle is given an independent command to find a group of Union shirkers. The second part is Aidan’s visit with his Uncle. The final part of the book focuses on the battle for the hill. The book is from the viewpoint of the South, not because of some “Lost Cause” notion, rather an affinity for the tragic loser. Real historical people such as Jackson, Bee and Burnside are a part of the narrative that includes the all-knowing Sergeants Collins and Thrug and an agreeable Colonel Kearns. An important character is Graham, Aidan’s friend and their close relationship. I wanted to inject into the story  Aidan’s perspective of the industrial age, his spiritual candor and his father’s mentorship. Woven into the story are strong elements of family tragedy, betrayal and revenge. The battle, skirmishes, deaths, and  injuries are present and infused with a human element. I attempted to keep the historical facts accurate but at times re-interpreted history. The faults of any missteps are mine. I enjoyed writing Aidan at Manassas and hope you enjoy reading my book.

Martin Harlick

Aidan at Manassas
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