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Martin Harlick - Author
Aidan at Manassas

Born in Portsmouth England, I completed a BA in History and Religious Studies at Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland and currently reside in Ontario, Canada. I am self-employed as a consultant, President Applicants Inc. and have volunteered as a Big Brother for many years. Three passions beyond my partner and children are the American Civil War, Military History and the Historical Jesus.

My father (1919-1996) served in the Royal Navy from 1939 to 1961. He was a Chief Petty officer on the HMS Tiger’s 1959-1960 world cruise. He served in all theaters of World War II including Dunkirk and was on the HMS Repulse when it was sunk by the Japanese in 1941. My Uncle Tom was a top turret machine gun operator on a Lancaster bomber and was killed in action 1944.

Growing up in Portsmouth England, I visited the HMS Victory many times. You add up my family history and immersion into the Royal Navy it’s not a quantum leap to be interested in military history.

The American Civil War was imbedded in my memory during High School. The truth is we used to collect Civil War cards that were wrapped in bubble gum packages. One card was particularly gory. It was a card (if memory serves) of Gettysburg. It showed bodies that were impaled on a cheval de frise with the accompanying blood. Not a glorious or accurate introduction, however it was a start.

I hope I have progressed from bubble gum trading cards. I view the American Civil War as the door that swung open for the USA and the path that led to victory (World War II) in Europe and the Far East…….and world leadership less than a century later.

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